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    Stacking machine series

    Update time:2020-05-30clicks:

    1、Product features:
        Full-auto brick-stacking machine, adopting advanced servocontrol with high running accuracy and precise positioning, runs smoothly and steadily, which can automatically pick up the unburnt bricks, transport and put down them. The stacking style can be customised, suitalbe for all kinds of section tunnel kilns.

    2、Technical parameters:
      Date    Units of meas    CBS碼坯機
      Driving method      伺服+變頻
      Frequency    time/h    72-144
      Stacking machine cycle    S    25-50
      Yards billet capacity    Pieces/times    176-704
       Production capacity   pieces/h    12000-60000 
       Power    kw     15+4+3
       Overall dimension    mm     11000×3500×6500

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