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    JKY75S/75-4.0 Two-stage Vacuum Extruder (with stirrer

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    1、Product features:
         This machine is made by full steel structure .
         The main parts adopts high wear- resistance alloy casting and high frequency heat treatment technology. Its performance is stability, the material can be coal gangue, shale,   fly ash, industrial residue. It is the ideal equipment for the fired bricks.

    2、Technical parameters:

        Date    Units of meas     JKY75S-4.0
        Production capacity    Pieces/h     40000-55000
        Reamer diameter    mm     750
        Pressure    Mpa     4.0
        Moisture content    %     13~18
        Vacuum degree    Mpa     ≤-0.092
        Power    kw     450+200
        Size    mm     9500×3100×3600
        Weight    kg     48000

        Date    Units of meas     JKY75-4.0
        Production capacity    Pieces/h     35000-50000
        Reamer diameter    mm     750
        Pressure    Mpa     4.0
        Moisture content    %     13~18
        Vacuum degree    Mpa     ≤-0.092
        Power    kw     350+132
        Size    mm     8500×3000×3450
        Weight    kg     36000

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