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    JKY70S/70/60-4.0Two-stage Vacuum Extruder (with stirrer)

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    1、Product features:
          Two-stage vacuum extruder is a new type brick-making equipment, designed and manufactured by our company, benefiting from advanced technology both at home and abroad.
          It is of whole steel structure with main parts cast of high-abrasion alloy by high frequency heat treatment technology. Fearturing reasonable structure, heavy-duty, energy saving, high efficiency and easy maintenance, it is more suitalbe for manufacturing cell bricks and solid bricks with shale, coal gangue and fly ash.

    2、Technical parameters

        Date    Units of meas     JKY70S-4.0
       Production capacity    Pieces/h     30000-40000
        Reamer diameter    mm     700
        Pressure    Mpa     4.0
        Moisture content    %     13~18
        Vacuum degree    Mpa     ≤-0.092
        Power    kw     315+132
        Size    mm    7900×2800×3300
        Weight    kg     38000

        Date    Units of meas     JKY70-4.0
       Production capacity    Pieces/h     28000-40000
        Reamer diameter    mm     700
        Pressure    Mpa     4.0
        Moisture content    %     13~18
        Vacuum degree    Mpa     ≤-0.092
        Power    kw     280+110
        Size    mm    7900×2800×3300
        Weight    kg     35000

        Date    Units of meas     JKY60-4.0
       Production capacity    Pieces/h     18000-32000
        Reamer diameter    mm     600
        Pressure    Mpa     4.0
        Moisture content    %     13~18
        Vacuum degree    Mpa     ≤-0.092
        Power    kw     250+90
        Size    mm    7150×2200×3100
        Weight    kg     28000

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